Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Massage Therapist Notebook 2.0 Submitted for Review

We have submitted the latest version of the Massage Therapist Notebook to the store for review. Hopefully it will get approved without requiring any major changes.

There are three big, new features of this app. The first is support for Text Expander. We are excited about this and the SDK that Smile provided made this really easy. In essence, Text Expander will let you type out words, sentences or even whole paragraphs and then assign those to a set of keystrokes.

In the first versions of the app we rolled our own macro (go ahead and type .soap. into any of the session notes, stone notes or clients notes). However, we realized that this was going to be a never ending issue. Thankfully we found Text Expander.

The next is a change in how we draw the stones. When a stone has an associated note (do a long press on any stone to add a note) it will now get a little halo instead of the stripes icon. We have done this because we are working on setting up a symbol editor in a future version so the therapist can add any symbol they desire to the stones. We are also considering letting a therapist edit the colors of the stones themselves, but one thing at a time. We have also added enough new colors so that there is more variety.

We have added a PDF export of any session as our final big feature. This will create a pdf with the body figures and their stones, all of the stone notes and session notes as well as any client notes. This was by far the hardest new feature to add. Once the PDF is created it attaches itself to an email. In future versions we will probably have to rework this part the most so that it is more usable.

There were some other minor bug fixes and UI enhancements. The most common question we got over these past few months was "how do I delete clients". The functionality has always been there but now we've made it more obvious.

What didn't make it into this version:
Client intake forms. This is going to take some thought since there are lots of different ways to make intake forms and lots and lots of questions that might be specific to a single practice.
Multiple body figures. We want to have the ability to have just hands or feet and different body figures with pressure points and other markings. It just wasn't ready.
Stone editor. As mentioned above, we are shooting to have more customization over the stones.
Universal (iPhone) version. We want the product to settle down just a little before we go adding this.

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