Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chakras in Massage

Some of our customers of the Massage Therapist notebook use chakras in their practice. For them, the three stones are not enough to represent all of the different chakras as well as other interest points. We are incorporating these new stones
The New stones for the Massage Therapist Notebook
into the app for the next release. In order to represent the chakras correctly we need to have each of the seven colors of the rainbow. We have enjoyed finding lots of different textures to use for the stones themselves. We decided to look for textures from nature, so butterfly wings, flower petals, moss, and fruit images are used for many of the new stones.


Charger Stone said...

I've reviewed the app, and as much as I would like to purchase it, it's missing a few things that are a necessity for me. There needs to be a beginning time slot and an end time slot on there as well as a date. That way I can label a 30, 60, 90, 120min session. Also, if we are sending files via PDF for insurance purposes, shouldn't there also be a place to list the charges?

I can work around having a more detailed initial interview with a client just by having to go in and make a lot of notes, but a customizable intake form with YES / NO answers would be great. Where I can go in and type my own questions and have it saved as an intake form for new clients to go through and answer those questions. I'm sure there are a few other things that others might want to suggest too. I've owned my own massage business for two years and I would love to be able to go completely paperless. This app will enable me to do that once those few things that I have mentioned get added.

Walter said...

These are good ideas, thank you. I had thought that the PDF export would be a supporting document and would not need to have the charges on it. That is also why I left large margins, so that you could place the report on your letterhead.

I agree with you that session duration and session fee are important pieces of data. They are on my list of things to add.

Eventually, I want to have an intake form creation utility, but I haven't decided how I would best implement that yet. That is one reason I added the TextExpander support. With that tool, you can make quite extensive notes and prose with just a few key clicks.

Thank you for taking the time to give some input. I really appreciate the feedback.

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