Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Long Tail of the App Store

Today, there are 1321 iPad Apps in the US App store in the Business category. Massage Therapist Notebook is in the top 200 ranked by popularity and by Gross. At times this month it's been in the top 100. The chart below is the chart for the US based on Gross.
Here is how we know that the tail is long, very long. We have settled down to between 2 and 5 purchases in the US per day and have not yet sold 100 copies in the US. Still, we are ranked higher than over 1000 of the apps in our category (we are easily in the top 20%).

In some countries where we have sold only a handful of copies, a single purchase can move our app store ranking by almost a hundred points.

We're not disappointed by our adoption rate yet. We have found a few customers who have reached out to us offering improvements. We knew that the app was not feature complete when we released it. The strategy is to release the app and then reward early adopters by adding features they want while slowly raising the purchase price for later adopters (once you buy an app in the App store, the developer cannot charge you for upgrades to that app).

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