Saturday, February 26, 2011

Updating the MapKit plugin for TapLynx

Map of 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Expositionphoto © 2009 Oregon State University Archives | more info (via: Wylio)
Our MapKit plugin for TapLynx seems to be well accepted so far. We've noticed a few bugs that have been fixed and are excited that two applications already incorporate the code. The Albuquerque Journal (who also use our Citizen Reporter plug in) and another client who has not yet had their app approved. We'll update the name when it is approved as we don't want to jinx anything.

New buttons
It was when we were working with our other client that we discovered the need to add a scrollable list to the plug-in. That application has about 30 pins in the map and so expecting a user to tap one each one was not a good experience for the user. So we have added a button to the interface and now display a list of the places (in alphabetical order) that a user can tap to scroll to and display the callout for that place.

As usual, we are using the excellent glyphish icons. However, we had to build a listing icon since there is not a simple list included in that set. We were worried about getting in trouble with Apple if we copied their list icon too closely, so we have four bars instead of three and we space our bars closer together.

As with our other TapLynx plug ins please use these in your projects and let us know if we can help out. The TA_Mapkit plugin for TapLynx can be found on github.

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