Thursday, February 3, 2011

App Store Market Research with Numbers

App Storephoto © 2008 Cristiano Betta | more info (via: Wylio)
Our renewal notice for our Apple Developer license arrived the other day. It got us to thinking about what happens to the apps when someone doesn't renew. Surely the app goes away, right? That made us wonder about the longevity of apps so we did a little counting.

A coin flip app like Carter's Coin Flip is a relatively uncomplex piece of software. In our case, the app serves the purpose of letting us focus on the mechanisms for marketing, compiling and updating software. It also gives us an app that lets us test using the iTunes Connect features. 99% of our revenue from software comes through writing things for others. So, it is nice to have something of our own where we can experiment so that when it comes time to work with the customer, we have more experience.

To look at competition for Carter's Coin Flip, we did a search on "Coin Flip" in the app store. Then we counted and tallied all of the results:
Price, apps in the set were between Free and 3.99 in price.
Free: 39
99c: 45
1.99: 7
3.99 1
4.99 1
So, this tells us that our recent experiment to raise our price from .99 to 1.99 was doomed ever before it began. At 1.99, we had 0 sales for the month (the price is going back to .99).

Category, apps in the set were divided among Entertainment, Education, Games, Productivity, Utilities and Lifestyle. Carter's Coin Flip is currently an "Education" app.
Entertainment: 49
Education 2
Games: 23
Productivity 3
Utilities 13
Lifestyle 3
This one is hard to think about. Clearly, in Education, we must stand out but perhaps there just isn't as much traffic there. We are going to change our "primary category" to a few of these others and see if it has any effect.

Last Update, this is the date that the app was last updated in the store.
2008: 4
2009: 23
2010: 58
2011: 7
Since we're writing this in Jan/Feb of 2011 the fact that 60~ apps were updated in the last year seems to show that people are still active, or coin flip apps are a good "first app". It will be interesting to see if any of the 2008 apps are still in the store next year. They are: CoinFlip (.99), iChoose(FREE), iFlip the Coin (.99), RPG Dice(.99).

We think the list that the store provides is sorted by search term match but we aren't sure. Regardless, our app is about halfway down (unfortunately, "below the fold") the list. It has sort of hovered at that point in the list the entire time it has been on sale.

Also, interesting. When we took these measurements last week, there were 93 results to the search term "Coin Flip". Tonight there are 96...a vibrant market.

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