Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alternative to DimDim

Now that DimDim has been taken out by Salesforce, we are looking for an alternative. The issue for us really is that we need screen sharing capability with our clients and our partners. We don't really need a lot of the other premium features that people want us to pay for. It is for that reason that we can't justify purchasing a solution like GoToMeeting ($50/month) or FuzeMeeting ($30/month).

Skype screen sharing so far has been the best option if people have a Skype account. We are also looking at the free version of (the paid version of $30/month isn't for us). The thing that makes all of this tricky is that we don't want to share what is on our screen. We want to share what is on the customer's screen. So, far that has been the killer issue that makes solutions difficult to find.

Why are we being so cheap? Well, we might have need to share a screen once or twice a month for about an hour at most. Also, we might share a screen to solve a single problem and don't want to have the other party have to install a bunch of software (sometimes that is beyond them). We are willing to pay for a solution but would rather something a la carte since we cannot project usage.

Any other ideas for us?


kash said...

Another DimDim alternative is Banckle Online Meeting which has all the features which DIMDIM was offering.

You can compare both of them at :

Banckle Online Meeeting:

Walter said...

Ohhh...this looks cool. Thanks.

I like that the offerings are broken out so that I can buy what I need rather than have to buy a bunch of extra stuff that I don't need.

Janet said...

GoMeetNow ( is the most affordable alternative to Dimdim. It comes with flexible pricing and only charges 1/30 for big conferences.

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