Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MapKit Plugin for TapLynx

Today, we have released our newest contribution to the open source community in the form of the TA_MapKitPlugin for TapLynx. The current source can be obtained on GitHub.

Basically, this plugin lets someone add a list of places and information about those places into the main NGConfig.plist file of a TapLynx application. TapLynx is a framework for iPhone and iPad that will let a content provider create applications just using configuration files. The user of the application can then see the places, tap on them to see detail information and even display their own location to see what is near to them.

Each point is represented by a latitude and longitude setting as well as textual information about the location. We considered offering address geocoding but it turned out to be too difficult to implement reliably for the United States, and nearly impossible for the entire world. There are lots of websites that will geocode an address. The iPhone takes decimal numbers for location points (not degrees, minutes etc.).

As with the other Tyree Apps' plugins, this one is designed to give some flexibility in presentation. When creating an application with this plug in, the icons for the pins can be changed (and multiple icons can be used to designate different points). Also, the detail information page for each pin is an html file so that can be customized and additional links can be added.

Configuration instructions are maintained in the Readme file that can be found in the github repository as well as in the project files. As always, please let us know if you find the plugin useful and if you have any comments or feedback we would love to hear about how you use the plugin. If you like this and our other plugins, please remember that we are available to build custom applications for your company.

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