Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Rule Holds True

As exhibited a few times yesterday: the likelihood that a piece of technology will fail is proportional to the number of people watching your demonstration.

At WWDC, though, everyone in the room is aware of the rule, so we were all very supportive of the speakers.

Saw a few really cool things. I saw a 3D demo of a horse game that I will have to buy for my own daughter when it is released. I'm getting inspired to have some serious coding time.

Monday, June 7, 2010


We are here in SF at WWDC. The hotel is a funky, quirky thing a few blocks from the convention center. Monday seems to be keynote day. We will have the big Job's keynote in the morning and then keynotes from some of the other big groups in the afternoon.

We are looking for a few things this week:
- UI help on Massage Helper so we can get it deployed
- Core Data information to help us with some of the contracts we currently have
- Video/Audio information to get our head wrapped around how to do streaming
- Better fundamental understanding of XCode and the testing and performance tools

Swag this year was an interesting track jacket that will be just the thing to take a chill off. I was expecting an iPad case, so now I need to go buy one of those.