Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Version 1.7 of CCF Approved and Thoughts About iPad

That was record time. By Monday afternoon it was approved. Maybe with updates it's easier for Apple. I also notice that the app is "approved for the iPad". This development I don't care for so much. I've been working on an iPad version but trying to make it actually be different on the iPad.

For the iPad version I want to do more with the statistics mode and let people download that data into a spreadsheet, so that they can really do their math homework with the tool. The niche target audience for that part of CCF is only possible in this era: I'm targeting students in secondary schools and colleges who are in the one or two week unit of their math course focusing on probability and who are doing the bonus question that asks them what happens if they flip a coin 1000 times. I'm also thinking that we can put in some information about each of the coins but that is more so I can torture Carter with tasks (doing the research) that will make him a better person.

Not every cool application for the iPhone is going to translate well to the iPad I predict.

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