Thursday, March 4, 2010

Three20 Framework

I am looking at making some more plug-ins for the TapLynx framework. At issue for me is that I've been leveraging the Three20 framework which is an extensive set of view controllers and functions for the iPhone and iPad. I am worried that after someone adds the TapLynx library (3.9M) and the Three20 library (4.3M) that they are too close to the 10M limit that the App store imposes.


Martin Wright said...


I think there is actually a 200MB limit on app size for uploads to the App Store. Are you referring to the wi-fi download size? If so, this has recently been increased from 10MB to 20MB.

Thanks for the info on the 320 project. Looks really useful.

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Walter said...

Thanks for that. I was referring to the wi-fi download size. I did see that it's been upped to 20MB. The new BarMax CA application is over 1GB ( So, I'm wondering if, with the iPad on the way, that there is now no firm upper limit on total application size.

BenHen said...


Where are you in your project? Did you success to compile the 2 frameworks?

I try to do the same, use TapLynx for the newsfeed, and three20 for the design, photos...

But maybe the 2 frameworks in the same app it's to heavy no?

Walter said...

Having both libraries works, but is not an elegant solution. I think the customer never notices, but I worry about having all of that code that duplicates functionality. With the increase in the app size limits recently the filesize is no longer a concern for me. In the case of the project I was working with I have actually been pleased with the recent changes that TapLynx made to their libraries concerning photo galleries.

Justin said...

Hi Walter,
Are you having any trouble getting Taplynx and Three20 to play nice? I had everything running and working great on the simulator (using 4.2 sdk). Then I tried on the device and I'm getting a "duplicate symbol" error related to PushIOManager in the TapLynx library. I've read a post saying it is related to the "-all_load" linker flag that Three20 needs to build properly. Have you had any troubles like this?


Walter said...

I've been having some similar issues in another app. This using multiple static libraries is killing me sometimes. We play roulette with the developers and their naming conventions.

I've been experimenting with switching over to CLang and weak linking the libraries. Maybe we can do something with the 320 library.

Justin said...

Do you have any idea why it works on the simulator but not the device? If I take out the "-all_load" linker flag it builds but then crashes when I load the tab with the three20 class.

Also... Since three20 is open source I should be able to change the function name to fix the duplicate symbol (I had to do this for RGBtoHSV) but the error complains about the function in Taplynx and I can't find the function name anywhere in three20. Any ideas?

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