Friday, March 12, 2010

Source Control in OS X I'm Using Mercurial

I'm starting to use Mercurial for my source control and so far I'm liking it. I had been trying to get Subversion to work within Xcode but I could never get it to behave like I wanted. Apple has placed the nice SCM menu in Xcode so I assumed that the whole thing would be seamless. Perhaps I was using the system incorrectly, but I read the documents and still items would get dropped from my repository and I got odd error messages.

The big change for me with Mercurial, is that I'm using it with the command line outside of Xcode. Maybe Subversion would work better if I also used it this way. Unfortunately for Subversion, the experience with it integrated into Xcode has colored my perception of how good it is.

Mercurial hasn't been perfect. I can't get the .hgignore file to work the way I think it is supposed to yet. I really like the fact that Mercurial has its own web server so that I can look at things somewhat graphically when I want and that I can clone repositories across the net.

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