Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Renewing My Developer Certificate

We've been deep in development and sleep deprivation for our first iPad app. It just added to the stress level when we noticed that the Development and Distribution certificates will expire next week. Apple's documentation is very complete about how to create the initial certificate but less clear on what to do about a renewal. I think it shows how new the whole iPhone OS process is.

The best step-by-step I've found so far is at Alex Winston's blog so I've posted it here. With all of these certificates expiring and renewing, I wonder if there will be apps that drop from the app store. Carter's Coin Flip could use a little less competition. A search for "coin flip" turns up 66 apps. We don't appear on the initial page of six, but we are in row six (of 17) when someone clicks the "Show All" link.

So far, we don't think that there are any Massage Therapist Notebook type applications, so hopefully that will be more of a blue ocean for us.

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