Saturday, March 20, 2010

Converting My Developer Account

I have started the process to convert my personal account to a business account over at Apple. Originally, I had wanted to create a separate business account but there is not a clean way to move the applications I already have published to the new account. The whole App Store process seems oddly manual. However it's been getting better over the last few months. I'm generally pleased with how the back end of the App Store runs. For the conversion, they keep asking me to fax documents rather than asking me to send PDF's. It's hard to find a fax machine. So, for last night's request, I tried out a free version of's service. I should research some other services for the next time, but I was in a hurry.

During this process, I'm shut out of my developer portals over at Apple. The timing is making me nervous as Apple sent out an announcement yesterday (Mar 19) that any iPad projects submitted by March 27 would be considered for the Grand Opening of the iPad store. Having a project in that store would be a great marketing boost for this little company.

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