Thursday, January 28, 2010

Carter's Coin Flip Version 1.6 Submitted to the App Store

Carter's Coin Flip version 1.6 includes a Belgian 5 Franc coin, a French 1 Franc coin and a Canadian 25 cent coin. My wife says that we should look for a Canadian coin she called a "Looney" since that is more Canadian somehow. I was working with a Canadian two dollar coin but it was too worn and I couldn't get a good photograph of it. I've also translated the interface into French and written some French language copy for the France App store. I have to thank Nicole Washington for helping me make sure the French isn't just a transliteration. The Belgian coin is in her honor.

I'm also planning to record a spot for the Today in iPhone podcast. They are having a contest where developers can talk about their apps for 60 seconds. This seems like a good venue for since we're a family affair and not as polished as some of those other companies. I've never recorded a commercial so I'm obsessing a little too much about what to say and whether I have a voice for podcasting. I think I should just suck it up and do it.

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