Friday, October 16, 2009

Carter's Coin Flip Version 1.5 Submitted to the App Store

By Carter:
In the new version my dad and I have put a new toolbar that is easier to use.
We have also chosen two new coins along with the Franc one. We added a Spanish coin with a soccer ball on the tails side of it for soccer fans. We also added a one pound piece from Great Britain, with queen Elizabeth on the heads side.
The new game has also added numerals to the statistics mode, so you now that flip number 1520 was heads and the 40000th was tails
I enjoyed making the new version and I hope that you enjoy using the new version to decide whether to do this or that.

By Dad:
In the original version of CCF we made the transition from the coin view to the statistics view using the “card flipping” motif and a button in the top corner of the screen. However, we discovered that we were mis-using the UI element. People kept expecting that the statistics screen and the coin screen were somehow related. The biggest change in the 1.5 version is to move to a tab bar view to indicate that the two modes are not related.

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