Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Drag and Drop

For Caroline's Cat Game I need to be able to implement some basic drag and drop actions. The game is a basic dress-up. So, to take things, like a bow (UIImageView *bow) off of the cat, I need to drag them over to the icon of the dresser (UIImageView *dresser) and drop them in.

if (CGRectContainsPoint(dresser.frame,[touch locationInView:self.view])) {

bow.image = nil;


I have this code in my touchesEnded event. The CGRectContainsPoint takes two arguments. The first is a rectangle and the second is a CGPoint. If the CGPoint is in the rectangle then it returns true. When the statement returns true, I make the image invisible by setting it to nil. Instead of using the location of my finger, I could use which is also a CGPoint describing the middle of the bow image.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vive La France!

A purchase from France today! The downer of all of these international purchases is that I have to earn $250.00 in a country before Apple will transfer the money to me. Regardless, I think I will add a coin in honor of my French customer. Now the question becomes: do I photograph a Euro coin or one of my old Franc coins.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why Move to Blogger from iWeb?

As any of you who look over the rest of my site there is a blog over there as well. It's prettier than this one. So, why bother to put the blog over here? iWeb is too hard to use for quick iterations. iWeb is beautiful, iWeb makes my kids able to publish web pages, iWeb is for home use.

In order to get a new blog post up on my iWeb powered blog, I have to: write the new post in iWeb, tweak the title and then "publish" the website. Then I open SEO iWeb Tool so that I can re-apply the tracking javascript and other SEO modifications I've made to titles, photos and graphics. Then I can upload the files to my webhost.

That's too much work for a 300 word blog posting. So, I'm moving the blog portion over here. It's easier to update so it will be easier to create something with fresh content. Also, the iWeb created blog doesn't have a comment feature which in some ways defeats the whole purpose.

Step one was to create a subdomain in my DNS and point it to my blogger blog. Blogger gives instructions for how to accomplish this task. Next post will be about Step 2, making the template look like the rest of my site so that travel back and forth is seamless.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Canadian Customers for Carter's Coin Flip

In the latter half of November we had not one but two purchases from Canada! Yippee!
In honor of that, we are looking for a nice Canadian coin to add to the choices of coins in the application. As a reminder, you can always switch between coins by double-tapping on the coin image on the first screen.