Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Snow Leopard and Canon Image Runners

My UFR II printer drivers don't seem to work with Snow Leopard. This is sad, because the UFR II system is pretty cool. After reading these posts I spent some time trying to get things working as it seems that Canon may take their time getting an updated driver into the world.

First, I just used the IP# of the ImageRunner and the generic PostScript and PCL drivers. This got my document to print, but on 11x17 paper instead of 8.5x11. Then I decided to try the old school approach of installing the PPD's and going that way. I found the PPD's here and then ran the installer.

This time, when I set up the printer (again using IP#) I found some Canon iR drivers that weren't there before including the one for my model. NB: There is only one printer in the big list that says "ImageRUNNER" in it, all of the others either say just "Canon IR" or "Canon IRC" and the model number.

Finally, success! Things print on 8.5x11 and I can duplex. The standard Apple print dialog boxes have all of the features I normally use on the printer, they're just in a different place than the old UFR II screens, so I have to hunt around a little.

Now, on to fixing the Juniper VPN client that doesn't seem to like Snow Leopard.

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Michael said...

Our organization uses the job accounting feature of UFRII :( So out of luck we are. I have a call into our printer people to see if they have a driver we can use. And here I am with fifty mac minis on order all shipping with Snow Leopard!! Yay us!!


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