Monday, August 31, 2009

Snow Leopard in the Enterprise

During my lunch hour on Friday, I ran out to get a copy of Snow Leopard to test out. Our Creative Services department has suffered with Entourage for some time. The integration of Mail, iCal and Address Book with our Exchange 2007 environment is the compelling feature.
The initial setup was flawless and the computer recognized our Exchange server and automagically brought over my email, calendar entries and addresses. When I went home over the weekend, the system even realized that I was no longer in the domain and grabbed my email.

Unfortunately, this morning, back in the office, my messages are not being updated into It is synchronizing my folders, just not the InBox folder. Oh well, back to Parallels to get some work done.

Features I am going to be looking for when I have time: how does handle shared mailboxes; since iCal uses different "calendars" to render different colors, how will Exchange translate those; how will I convert my pst's to mbox format.

I'll keep you posted.

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